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Living the dream of working from home? Introducing our state-of-the-art freelance data annotation platform!

Get paid for online tasks and contribute to the development of the latest global tech advancements! You’ll be working with visual datasets like images and videos that are used to train AI.

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What is Remoter.me?

Remoter.me is a platform developed by Label Your Data that offers a remote, flexible, and enjoyable way to earn money and step into the world of AI.


How does it work?

Create and verify your account, complete the onboarding, pick the available task, and kick-start your earnings!


How to annotate data?

New to data annotation? Our team has prepared the knowledge base you need to learn annotation and get paid for tasks.

Is Our Product Right for You?

Remoter.me is the perfect solution for those seeking exciting work from home opportunities. Are you a fresh talent in the AI industry or a student eager to earn without prior experience? Maybe you simply desire extra cash?

Regardless, our platform is tailor-made for you. We offer both simple and impactful jobs, varying in complexity, that contribute to the advancement of AI technology and the world at large. If you’re ready to be part of something big, then Remoter.me is the perfect match for you!


The Benefits of Working on Our Platform

Guaranteed USD compensation

Your hard work deserves certainty. As you join our platform, your outstanding efforts in data annotation are backed by our 100% payment guarantee in USD. See your skills truly valued with Remoter.me.

5-minute onboarding

Sign up to our platform in 5 minutes. We offer quick and easy account creation that allows starting your freelancing journey in data annotation in on time.

Work fully remotely

Take control of your work-life balance and enjoy the benefits of remote work. We offer a flexible way to get paid for simple tasks, as well as more complex ones.  

Define your schedule

Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, our platform allows you to define your work hours and create a schedule that aligns with your lifestyle and commitments. 

Start your career in AI

Remoter.me provides a stepping stone for AI enthusiasts, even if you don’t have previous experience. Ignite your AI career with our work from home jobs.
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With just a few simple steps, you can get paid for online tasks and withdraw your earnings directly to your personal bank account:


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Registration & Verification

To begin, sign up on our platform. We prioritize privacy and data security, so a verification process is necessary. Submit required documents to confirm your identity and access the dashboard to get paid for doing tasks online.

Onboarding & Training

For your success, we have compulsory onboarding and training. Our interactive materials guide you through online jobs that pay per task, ensuring you acquire the necessary skills. You’ll be fully prepared to excel and maximize earnings when accessing tasks.

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Data Annotation

Next, dive into data annotation and start earning. Our platform, where you get paid to train AI, features simple and engaging online tasks. High-quality work and dedication opens doors to more complex, higher-paying tasks. So to increase your earnings, take on more challenging tasks.

Easy Withdrawal

A standout feature of Remoter.me is the real-time earnings tracking. Easily monitor your income in your user account and withdraw it conveniently with just a few clicks to get paid fast. Once the withdrawal request is approved, the funds will be transferred directly to your personal bank account.

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Our key values to your success


Seamless money

Earn money by doing tasks online on your terms, enjoying the flexibility of distant work and defining your own schedule.

Remote work

Embrace the freedom of working on annotation tasks from home, eliminating the constraints of a traditional office environment.

AI within reach

Experience the flexibility to balance work and personal commitments as you get paid to train AI and contribute to cutting-edge tech development.
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Explore Hands-On Data
Annotation Scenarios in AI

Imagine bringing an AI-driven future closer, gaining valuable skills, and making a real impact — all while filling your bank account?

As a data annotator on Remoter.me, you’ll be at the forefront of honing computer vision capabilities of AI across various industries and work with different remote tasks and types of data annotation:

Object detection
with bounding boxes
Object detection
Object segmentation
with polygons
Object segmentation
Object tracking with bounding
boxes (for video data)
Object tracking

For industries, including, but not limited to:



Through precise data labeling, you’ll equip AI with the ability to understand shapes, aiding in crop monitoring, disease detection, and precision farming.
Smart Cities

Smart Cities

Train AI to identify and locate key elements within urban environments for applications such as intelligent traffic management, pedestrian recognition, and public safety systems.


Help AI accurately identify and locate retail items for enhancing inventory management, product recognition, and personalized shopping experiences by feeding it with annotated data.


Through expertly annotating image or video data, you'll contribute to the development of self-driving technologies, enabling vehicles to perceive and navigate their surroundings accurately.

Data Security Compliance
at Remoter.me

As you join our community, you’ll work directly with sensitive client data. Rest assured, we prioritize data security on our end. In return, we kindly request your cooperation in sharing your personal data with us. Please note that this is completely safe.

Label Your Data, the entity responsible for Remoter.me, has successfully obtained both PCI DSS and ISO certifications to guarantee data security and fully comply with industry security standards, including GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA.

As a user, you have the option to request deletion of your data at any given time. Additionally, you can utilize your credit card details to initiate a payout request. It’s worth noting that we employ a reputable payment system to handle transaction processing, ensuring that credit card details are not stored on our platform.


Frequently Asked Questions

What first step should I take to get paid to train AI on Remoter.me?


First, register with your email (the only supported option for now), confirm it, and verify your account. If you encounter any issues, contact our dedicated Support Team for assistance.

Why does Remoter.me retain my personal data?


To ensure the security and confidentiality of our clients’ sensitive information, access is restricted to authorized individuals. Therefore, we must verify the identity of those granted access.

Do I need any prior experience in data annotation or AI/ML?


Absolutely not. Remoter.me is an ideal platform for individuals who seek remote job opportunities and want to learn how to get paid to train AI, even if they have no prior experience in this area.

Are all the tasks on the platform available to me?


Upon passing the primary verification process, you’ll gain immediate access to tasks. However, more complex tasks won’t be available to you until you boost your user level by practicing with and getting paid for simple tasks first.

How can I earn money by doing tasks online with Remoter.me?


Once you complete your first set of tasks, a reviewer will validate your annotations. Based on the accuracy of your work, you will receive a reward. The minimum withdrawal amount is $50, so we recommend completing a sufficient number of tasks to reach or exceed this threshold and get paid for tasks.


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